DDR Launches DDR Performance

We proudly announce that we have officially launched our online platform selling our unique DDR Cold Air Intakes. DDR Performance, the power factory, manufactures and assembles all its parts in-house. Utilizing the latest technologies, engineering techniques and practicing the utmost efficiency with the development of performance parts. Ensuring you power when you need it most! DDR Performance – Cold Air …

DDR Performance at Autoworks Show Kuwait

We showcased our latest innovative products at the Autoworks Expo in Kuwait on the 1-3rd December at the International Fairgrounds in Mishref. Come February/Late March, we will be launching our E-store at ddrperformance.com where customers can place their orders and get their hands on a cold air induction system (CAI) made by DDR. Here are some of the latest images and videos …

DDR Performance … Coming Soon

  Desert Demons Racing is excited to announce that we are bringing to light our upcoming DDR Performance shop early January 2017. Visitors will be able to access the DDR Performance shop directly through the link www.ddrperformance.com once the site is completely set up. To bring you the best experience, we are currently updating our E-Store with all the product …

Highlights From Our SCT Tuning Course

Check out the video below highlighting our SCT Tuning Course conducted by Saud AlZabin – DDR’s Crew Chief and DDR School Instructor. Stay tuned to our social media accounts and our blog posts where we will be releasing more training courses soon!  

DDR Welcomes Mr. Ali Aryan!

DDR would like to introduce and welcome our new driver: Pro Extreme Twin Turbo 67 Shelby, The Drag Race Legend, Mr. Ali Aryan. Ali had a long great career with Bahrain 1 Racing, until the operation stopped a couple of years ago. He has been driving Promods for almost two decades, and well qualified to drive our beast. We would also like …

Enroll in DDR School’s SCT Tuning Course!

Hurry up and enroll in DDR’s SCT Tuning Course happening this 10th-14th March! Click here to download the Training Brochure Form. Fill it up, and send it to Saud@desertdemonsracing.com. https://rsiapermataserdang.com/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/daftar-jurusan-lengkap-di-kampus-teknik-unhas-gowa/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/mengenal-apa-itu-kampus-merdeka-makna-dan-penjelasannya/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/inilah-10-universitas-jurusan-manajemen-terbaik-di-indonesia/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/daftar-7-universitas-terbaik-di-jakarta-beserta-jurusannya/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/jurusan-di-universitas-negeri-yogyakarta-uny-dan-akreditasinya/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/daftar-kampus-jurusan-kedokteran-terbaik-di-lampung/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/inilah-7-kampus-dengan-fakultas-teknik-sipil-terbaik-di-indonesia/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/daftar-5-universitas-jurusan-ekonomi-terbaik-di-dunia/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/7-kampus-swasta-jurusan-hubungan-internasional-di-indonesia/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/inilah-kampus-swasta-jurusan-manajemen-terbaik-di-indonesia/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/inilah-5-universitas-swasta-jurusan-akuntansi-terbaik-di-indonesia/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/daftar-10-universitas-jurusan-kedokteran-terbaik-di-indonesia/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/inilah-5-daftar-universitas-terbaik-di-sumatera-barat-versi-unirank/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/inilah-5-kampus-swasta-terbaik-di-surabaya-beserta-jurusannya/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/6-universitas-jurusan-teknik-mesin-terbaik-di-indonesia/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/8-universitas-jurusan-teknik-informatika-terbaik-di-indonesia/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/info-seputar-kampus-teknik-unhas-gowa-beserta-jurusannya/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/referensi-kampus-jurusan-akuntansi-terbaik-di-surabaya/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/6-universitas-negeri-terbaik-di-malang-dan-jurusan-terfavorit/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/inilah-daftar-18-universitas-negeri-terbaik-di-jakarta/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/daftar-referensi-8-universitas-jurusan-dkv-terbaik-di-indonesia/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/5-universitas-swasta-jurusan-kedokteran-termurah-di-indonesia/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/daftar-7-beasiswa-kuliah-s1-universitas-swasta-di-indonesia/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/daftar-5-kampus-swasta-jurusan-farmasi-terbaik-di-jakarta/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/daftar-7-beasiswa-fakultas-kedokteran-yang-ada-di-indonesia/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/inilah-5-universitas-terbaik-di-palembang-sumatera-selatan/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/daftar-jurusan-di-universitas-negeri-jakarta-dan-akreditasinya/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/beberapa-daftar-beasiswa-kuliah-s2-di-indonesia/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/daftar-lengkap-beasiswa-kuliah-s2-keperawatan-di-indonesia/ https://rsiapermataserdang.com/informasi-lengkap-daftar-jurusan-fisioterapi-terbaik-di-indonesia/ …

Team DDR goes 5.95 at 244 in it’s 4th Pass!

Team DDR’s Jamal “Jimmy” Aljaber’s new NHRA legal promod tuned and went 5.95 at 244 in it’s 4th pass. Tuned by crew chief Saud AlZabin at last weekend’s Qatar Mile at the Qatar Racing Club.   Play the video and check out his run!

DDR Team Getting Ready for Qatar!

DDR helping out one of their own, getting Jamal AlJaber’s (A.K.A. Jimmy) Mustang 2005 Promod ready for Qatar this season! Shipping Slot Gacor it out to the track soon!   

1346 HP!

Check out one of the highest HP street cars on the planet! This sick ride has a Hellion Turbo Eliminator twin turbo kit tuned by Saud Alzabin of Desert Demons Racing. This coyote powered mustang is equipped with twin Precision Turbo & Engine 64 mm turbos and Turbosmart USA wastgates. This RWHP was made on gasoline! (No NOS, no E-85) Special thanks to our boys from www.hellionpowersystems.com. 

DDR Wins Race in Maryland!

DDR wins at the MDIR in the Pro-Boost class, after having the class rules changed for turbo cars. We dedicate this win to team member Joe Lepone Jr. who passed away recently and left us behind with great memories of him, and we wish Brian Olson gets well who we wish to see soon back at the PDRA.