DDR Launches DDR Performance

We proudly announce that we have officially launched our online platform selling our unique DDR Cold Air Intakes.

DDR Performance, the power factory, manufactures and assembles all its parts in-house. Utilizing the latest technologies, engineering techniques and practicing the utmost efficiency with the development of performance parts. Ensuring you power when you need it most! DDR Performance – Cold Air Induction Systems (CAI), have undergone extreme performance testing to suit everything from your daily driver to your performance race vehicles.

DDR Performance Cold Airs have been developed by a team of performance race car tuners, along with engineers that focused on maximizing performance and air flow to your engine – boosting the performance of your vehicle, and adding stunning aesthetics when popping open that hood.

We strategically partnered with Green Filters USA, working hand-in-hand to power our CAI systems with the best high flowing automotive filtration in the market. Green Filters USA involved their technology with DDR Performance to supply you with the highest performing CAI systems period!

For more info visit www.ddrperformance.com